SCAFCI Annual Dinner Theatre 2019

Written By Regina Taylor "Crowns" Directed By Bette Howard

SCAFCI Annual Dinner Theatre 2014

Featuring the play "A Bowl Of Chilly" By Kerryanne Gill 

SCAFCI Annual 5K Walk/Run 2014

SCAFCI Annual Dinner Theatre 2012

Featuring the play "Bubba's Fish Market" Black Spectrum Theatre

SCAF Annual Toy Drive 2011


SCAF Appreciation Day 2011

SCAF 2011 Annual Dinner Theatre


SCAF Presentations On Sickle Cell Anemia

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SCAF Support Group


SCAF Health Fair 2010

SCAF 2nd Annual Christmas Treat 2009

for the children and the elderly


SCAF Fort Totten Ride 2009

SCAF Turning Our Family Story Into A Cause

Sickle Cell Day At Queens Faith Church

First Sickle Cell Awareness Day

First Sickle Cell Awareness Day

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