Our Mission


We at the Sickle-Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int. we don’t just sit on our morals. We are here to provide support to Children, Families, and Individuals with Sickle Cell. We also maintain a high-quality referral base. We have dedicated ourselves to the surrounding neighborhoods, and communities. We need your help to be able to provide better care, for these individuals and families that are affected by the Sickle-Cell Disease. Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Intl. has been in existence for over seven (7) years. We have first established ourselves within the Queens metropolitan area, but as a result of our success, we quickly developed a presence through-out the New York City tri-state area. Our excellent service in the Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int. has been greeted enthusiastically by our local community. We are proud to be a true community-based organization; our outreach extends to everyone regardless of race, color, religion or creed. Many of our workshops take place in a friendly environment to encourage greater participation by providing a higher quality of educational workshops to better educate those with Sickle Cell and other health care issues.

Our mission is to create awareness for the genetic condition of Sickle Cell Disease

To advocate for improved treatment services and accessibility of these services.


To inform what patients, family members, and the community can do to impact this disease condition.

We seek to inspire progress for a much-needed cure for this disease. 

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for people suffering from sickle cell disease and their families. We also collaborate with other support groups at a community-based level to educate and empower individuals living with sickle cell disease to provide a better quality of life.

To give our client great services-- so great that it makes them returning clients.

To organize our facilities and utilize volunteer potential to produce high-quality services.

To train our volunteers and to encourage them to suggest and implement methods of improving our services as a whole within the Sickle Cell Foundation Corp Int. and increasing our efficiency.

We at the S.C.A.F Corp Int. maintain a positive attitude in order to ensure the success of our organization.

To provide a safe, pleasing environment, where individuals with Sickle Cell Disease may have the quality of service they deserved.

Distributing educational material about the Sickle Cell Disease in our own communities.

The Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int. has developed, promoted and implemented a service program that will be in the best interest of the affected individual or family member.

At Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int. we have organized and participated with other health agencies in bringing awareness about Sickle Cell Disease and other related health issues.

We also provide a strong focus on genetic counseling.​



Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int.

is a 501 (c)(3) a non for profit organization. Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Intl. has been named to a new list of top-rated nonprofits by Great Nonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews for nonprofit organizations.

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