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Celebrating 17 Years of SCAFCI


James Sanders Jr.

Chairman of Committee on Banks


Sickle Cell Facts

The New York State Senate
  • Creates the Sickle Cell Disease Detection and Education Program. About 1 in 13 Black or African American babies are born with the sickle cell trait, and about 1 in 365 Black or African American babies are born with sickle cell disease. There are also many people who come from Hispanic, Southern European, Middle Eastern, or Asian Indian backgrounds that have the disease. A person can be a carrier of the sickle cell trait but experience little to no symptoms throughout their lives. A Sickle cell disease detection and education program is crucial to protecting parents and children who are carriers of the trait. S.5605-B/SANDERS   (passed both houses, waiting to be signed by the Governor)

  • Ensures that emergency services personnel complete the most up-to-date training in issues related to mental health issues. Provides crisis intervention team training, mental health first aid, implicit bias training and naloxone training to firefighters and emergency medical services personnel. This training is needed to address the growing mental health crisis. S.7144/SANDERS (signed into law by the Governor)

Senator Sanders honors Merlene Smith-Sotillo (far left) at a Women in Healthcare event. Mrs. Smith-Sotillo is the President/Ceo at Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int and was a fierce advocate in getting the sickle cell legislation passed.

Sickle cell education bill gets Council votes

Education Bill.jpg

Merlene Smith-Sotillo, an advocate for a sickle cell disease education bill, is excited the City Council approved it. Read more...

Sickle cell education bill signed by Hochul

ED BILL.webp

Merlene Smith-Sotillo, co-founder of the Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation in South Jamaica, is thrilled that Gov. Hochul signed a sickle cell education bill. Read more...

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